• We create a language environment, speaking English both in class and break time
  • Our students study school subjects and do creative writing in English
From 7 to 12 years old

Exciting English classes for students based on an international programme

School subjects in English according to British syllabus
Children study mathematics, anatomy, history of ancient civilisations and geography of different continents in English and conduct experiments. This way, children can intuitively learn vocabulary and grammar.
Teachers with an international experience
Children grow plants with professional biologists, conduct experiments with chemists, paint pictures with artists and play drums with musicians. Practice immerses children in the subject and inspires them to explore it further.
Children’s personality comes first
Children can always find support as well as an opportunity to express themselves and take the initiative in London Gates. Children are part of a close-knit community of students and graduates, developing their self-study skills and getting ready to make their way in the world.
in business (since 2010)
4500 students
13 years
We have trained over
— We pay close attention to on each student: groups of up to 12
One language of communication: we speak only in English 100% of the time, both in class and at break times
— We practise the language: the students speak in class 70% of the class time
— We make education fun: 98% of children say that London Gates is a fun place to learn and that they have made close friends

Kids Program

On Tuesdays from 16:40 to 18:15 and Thursdays from 16:40 to 19:10
Tuition fees
350 euros for 20 academic hours per month*
On Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:15 or 14:45 to 19:00
* number of classes may vary depending on the month


The programme is based on British Key Stage 2 and 3. In lessons, children learn vocabulary and language structures, develop their English language skills and, most importantly, reproduce communicative situations from everyday life and learn to communicate effectively.
Classes consist of modules in different subjects. In history classes, students conduct archaeological excavations and explore the myths of various ethnicities. In sociology, they study the diversity of cultures and traditions of different countries. In literature, they discuss the fate of the heroes of classic novels and create comics.
Modules in math, biology, geography, physics, chemistry and programming. students experiment with non-Newtonian fluids, create thermometers, grow plants and build simple robots and hydraulic manipulators.
Drama is one of the most important subjects in the UK Key Stage programme, building a large pool of skills. Children learn how to perform in front of an audience, get their thoughts and ideas across, hold the audience’s attention and analyse other people’s performance on stage. The children put on a play in English together at the end of the course.
An original programme by Masha Schmidt, a Parisian artist. Together with professional artists, children learn to express themselves, use various textures and materials, and experiment in different artistic practices such as painting with acrylics and constructing spatial installations.


Graduates of the Kids programme:
  • Quickly adapt to an English-speaking environment, can communicate and study at school in English

  • Read and write at B1 level, can understand the lyrics of their favourite songs and watch films in English

  • Are able to discuss topics ranging from the history of ancient Rome to climate change, solve mathematical problems, talk about the structure of plants and the movement of planets in space in English

  • Know a number of scientific terms in English

  • Are able to analyse information, create and present projects. They can give presentations at a student conference and share their interests at London Gates

  • Can work effectively both independently and in pairs or teams, and can organise work on multi-stage tasks
Our graduates:
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