14-16 years (grade 8 to 10)

British secondary school on a shortened iGCSE programme

iGCSE Certificate
The iGSCE certificate is an internationally recognised academic qualification of lower secondary education. It is awarded by British examination boards, and we, as an accredited representative of Pearson Edexcel in Riga, organise these examinations and help children prepare for them.
An alternative to Latvian schools
A two-year programme instead of 8th-10th grade.
Essential subjects
An effective British programme for those who want to spend their time efficiently and go to an international university.

Helping students to enroll at the best international universities
For 13 years our students have been successfully passing the UK A-levels exams which is the next level following the iGCSE. 100% of London Gates students have been accepted to the international universities that they have selected.
Creating a language environment
Providing an English-speaking environment, speaking English in classes and breaks.
Immersing students in professional world
The centre’s teachers are practising scientists, linguists, historians and mathematicians. They introduce students to jobs, motivate them to make their own choice of their future career and expand the range of useful contacts. In our friendly enveny, students can always ask advice from alumni who have entered university or started working.
13 years
of work (since 2010)
4500 students
We have trained more than
5 exams
for 7 subjects
140 countries
iGCSE programme is taken in
We pay attention to each student: there are groups of up to 12 people
One language of communication: we speak only in English 100% of the time both in class and during breaks
We regularly practise the language: students speak 70% of the time in class

Universities our graduates study in:

This programme is suitable for the children who have finished 7th or 8th grade in a Latvian school and want to:

— Study in English in Riga
— Study in English at a college outside Latvia
— Go to a university in Europe or the USA
— Study less than 5 days a week because they are involved in sports or learn online somewhere else

iGCSE programme

20 academic hours a week
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 09:00 to 16:30
Tuition fees
8500 euros per year or 4500 euros per half year


Economics / Business


Graduates of the iGCSE programme:
  • Successfully pass exams and receive an iGCSE certificate

  • Are ready to apply to A-levels programmes

  • Are confident in speaking English at B2+ level, are able to work with English-language sources, have skills in academic and informal communication

  • Have a command of modern spoken English, know slang, understand different dialects, can watch films, read books and articles

  • Can participate in discussions and give arguments to support their position in English

  • Participate in debates during their studies

  • Understand humanities, social and natural science disciplines and have an idea of their future profession
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